The floating plastic dock system is an ideal solution for your floating constructions. It's easy to install, resistant to UV rays, chemicals, weather conditions and collision and can be configured in virtually any size and shape. You can organize a cocktail party with friends, an rionman triathlon camp, a dragon boat racing match or even more. The applications of the floating dock systems are much more than you expect and your perfect choice to make.

recreatational plastic floating dock


Discover our plastic floating dock system for recreational water centers. All docks are designed to accommodate different types of accessories. They are perfectly suited for recreational activities like canoeing, pedal boats, electric boats, bathing, etc

plastic floating dock


Modular dock system is suitable for boating and yachting AND private use. The modularity of our products will allow you to welcome most of the boats and yachts one can find on sea,rivers and lakes.

water sports plastic floating dock


Our various modular floating pontoons are ideal for water sports such as sailing, canoeing, rowing, water skiing, etc. They offer strength and comfort to users. The assembly and maintenance is also very easy.

fish farm hdpe pontoons


The modular docking system can be used to create floating platforms in various settings for industrial and agricultural applications. Such as construction, maintenance and repair of bridges, canals, harbors, and fish farms, cages, ponds, etc.

plastic floating dock platform


HDPE floating dock system will literally have the guests of your special event “walk on water”. From lakeside weddings to beach parties, we can help you make every occasion unforgettable.

floating solar dock system


Floating solar plant solution is perfectly adapted to residential and commercial applications on any waters. This provides a sturdy structure that holds the solar panel and composed of a structure and a floater. It allows the installation of the PV module.

floating dock system for sales


Our docking system is the perfect addition to any waterside home. Whether it is a lake cottage or a beach house, our platforms will add irreplaceable value to your residence.

jet ski floating docks


Drive on floating docks are ideal for operators of Jet Ski rental facilities to simplify the launching of the machines, improve comfort of their customers with stable platforms and speed-up rotations.


Different types of modular floating dock can also be used to create floating platforms for maintenance works on the water or for industrial applications.