Frequently Asked Questions About Floating Dock Cubes System

What is the modular floating dock system?
The modular floating sock system is a kind of removable dock suitable for installation on any waters. It is floating up and down with fluctuating water levels without any problems. You could find a few types of docks made of wood, metal or plastics. Our modular floating dock system contain secure, air-filled compartments that keep the pontoons to float.

Why are there a lot sellers supplying the similar floating dock cubes at a very low price?
You can always find much cheaper floating dock cubes on the market because they are produced in any possible cheap ways. With our products, we have been investing large capital on R&D and high performance equipmemts. Moreover, we use only 100% orginal raw material and never use recycled one in production, these enable our pontoons have higher quality, better performance and longer lifespan than many others.

Can I install the floating dock system by my own?
Yes for sure, most of our clients install by themself. Our modular floating dock system is most easy to put together and install with the simple instructions or assistance from us.

Do I need a permit to install a floating dock?
Some floating docks may require permits, depending on where your property is located. In most cases thr modular docking system is considered a temporary structure and may not require a permit.

Do I need some special tools during installation?
We prepare a tool kit with the shipment. The kit comes with a T-handle wrench to screw mushroom pins and a plastic wrench for bolt sets.

Does the floating dock work in shallow water?
Sure you can use it anywhere you can. The minimum functional water depth is measured at the back of the dock where drive-on takes place. The system needs to be able to flex in order to drive on top of it. And it will lay down on the ground during low water levels.

Can I leave the docks in water during Winter time?
Absolutely. Our system is designed to remain in the water all year round, even where freezing occurs. The dock simply “pops-up” on top of the ice and is not damaged. It will rise and fall with the water level, protecting it and keeping it readily accessible.

Can I ues the floating docks in heavy waves or strong wind?
Our floating dock cubes are designed to be extreme durability, flexibility and light weight.They could experience waves under 2 feet in height and roll with the waves. For heavy waves, it is necessary that you tie down your watercraft securely and frequently check and secure all connections.

Do I need to maintain the docks often?
Our docks are virtually maintenance free. They can be cleaned with water to make them look like new. It’s a good idea that you check the connecting pins and attachment points to make sure everything is tight in winter.

What about the effects of extreme weather or sun ray?
Our docks are made by HMWHDPE(Heavy molecular weight high density polyethylene), the unique specifications allow it adapt to any conditions. With UV-stable composite, the sun will not destroy or alter the docks in any way, shape or form.


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