We use only 100% original high molecular weight High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) in production. It includes in our entire series of dock blocks. Complying with all ISO requirements and participating in annual independent audits by SGS,it will allow us to remain focused on the satisfaction of our valueable customers. It is also ensuring that all our portable dock floats and accessories meet contract commitments in the most efficient and effective way.

Benefit from its toughness,durability and Eco-Friendly features, our HDPE materials are to food grade standards that ensures the modular docks will not damage the environment and are always safe to use, even on drinking water reservoirs. Moreover, we add Ultra Violet stabilisers offering a perfect high UV resistance for extreme weather conditions.








Our modular dock block system is made from industrial strength high density polyethylene designed for the most toughest environments. We apply high standard processes in production at our facility. They are doing well at all seasons around the globle. They can be easily constructed to meet all your custom needs because of the distinguished superiorities as followings:

Modularity – modular, changeable and portable solutions

Simplicity – light weight,easy handling and construction

Safety – non slip surface design and no splinter and sharp edge

Flexibility – suitable for applications in any shape and size.

Economy – no additional cost and maintenance free

Durability – long lifetspan and corrosion,oxidation chemicals,oils resistance

Adaptability – capable for all climates at extreme high/low temperature,humidity and strong UV